Sunday, April 29, 2007

RNA Award

I am just back and I am delighted to say that my very good friend Nell Dixon won!!! As she only entered because I twisted her arm, I am doubly pleased. She has also promised to be a good girl and do her revisions to Charlie Darling -- her medical, and so once she is off her high, she had better or I shall crack my whip!!!

The awards ceremony is wonderful, and some day when I am not up for a prize, I would like to go to soak in everything. The Savoy just is.

My daughter and I came down by train, and dumped our bags at Biddy's. There we changed and met up with Julie Cohen. Julie was dressed in a black top and orange skirt. Her shoes were wonderful. My daughter was quite envious.We took a cab to the Savoy and went to the front entrance. There is a certain something about swishing up to the front.

Then we went to where the lunch was being held. I missed several steps as I was looking at all the Gilbert and Sullivan memorablia. But thankfully did not ripped my skirt.

The M&B champagne bar was set up just as you went in. And I was soon surrounded by the very lovely editors and authors. Anne Herries has the most wonderful smile (as you can see by her smile and wave) and Catherine George is tiny with a beautiful Welsh voice. She is standing next to Fiona Harper who looked every inch the RITA finalist in her turquoise. I was able to say hello to Nell Dixon as well.

We were called into lunch. The room was a riot of flowers. There was a programme of the luch for everyone with a cartoon by Bestie. And thoroughly captured the mood of why it is necesarry to read a romance novel on public tansportation.

Lunch flew by. You can see Historical author Carol Townend in this photo.
Then came the speeches. Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson, the olympic gold medalist, gave a wonderfully inspiring speech. The awards were made, and as Nell sat there stunned, I forced her to stand up. She gave a fantastic speech. I was so proud for her.

Afterwards, everyone retired to the bar for more talking. A thoroughly good time was had by all.

My daughter and I went to see Wicked the Musical! in the evening. And that is the subject for another blog.


Jessica Raymond said...

I love to read all the different reports of the day and see everybody's pictures. Thanks for posting yours, Michelle :)

Jess x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, Michelle - sounds as if you thoroughly enjoyed it, which is great.

And that's a lovely pic of you and your daughter.

Charlene Sands said...

You are a great advocate for HH! The pictures of you and your daughter are lovely. I enjoyed reading about the events of the day. Congratulations to all nominated!

Unknown said...

It was a fantastic day. Great to see you :-)

Unknown said...

It was such a pleasure (and a privilege!) to meet you Michelle. I feel like I'm only just returning to earth after all the excitement, so I'm sure that must go double for you!

Anne McAllister said...

Glad you had a great time, Michelle. Thanks for sharing the pics. Not quite as good as being there, but almost!


Michelle Styles said...

I have now come back down to earth and must work on my book.

I am so pleased that the pictures and my account have provided some pleasure.

Writers lead such solitary lives that it is great when events like this happen.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures! You looked great, and so did your daughter! :)