Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

Last night on BBC 4 Stephen Fry hosted a lovely programme about the little things he enjoyed, entitled Guilty Pleasures. One of the things he listed was Georgette Heyer novels which he loved for her use of language. I will agree with him about Heyer novels but do think he should expand his reading to include more Regency novels...
However, I digress. The programme got me thinking about things I enjoy and take simple pleasure in. Indulgences if you will. They are not especially worthy, but all are fun and there is a certain frisson of excitement when I indulge.

So I am going to list seven.

1. Mills & Boon Romance/Modern/Historical -- Yes, I know I write for them but it is because they have always given me so much escapist pleasure. I love the whole escapist reading and reading for pleasure. When you hold one in your hand and you know, you are going to escape somewhere nice for a few hours. And the fact that my mother used to sigh and wring her hands, telling me that I would never do anything in my life if I read them, only added to the pleasure.

2. The Smithsonian magazine -- my very lovely sister started me on this and I love it when it arrives. I can sit down and read its plethora of interesting and intriguing articles. Bits of information that I may never use again but is fascinating none the less.

3. ripe olives -- I have always loved them. A can of open olives in refrigerator does not last long in this house.

4. A box of chocolates -- assorted -- either Thorntons in the UK or Sees in the US. I love the whole concept of choosing a chocolate, passing the box and hoping against hope that by the time it returns to you, you will still be able to find a chocolate to match your mood. I am never sure if it is fair to look at the guide that comes with the box or simply to dive in. There is a certain frisson about -- did I choose right or will I get the brandied cherry nougat ( a sort that always seems to be included but one that I have never enjoyed)

5.Scrabble -- this a firm favourite of all the family, and brings out the competitive spirit. It does not matter how many times it has been played before..what matters is the fun.

6. A cup of hot cranberry juice or hot Ribena. There is something so comforting about drinking it. It warms you down to your toes. My dh does not understand its appeal but he has never been able to break me of the habit. It says comfort when you are cold.

7. A girl's night in -- an evening with a rom com movie. My dh and the boys really prefer action adventure movies and so generally we watch them, but occasionally my daughter and I have a girl's night in with a fun movie, and more than likely we eat in front of the tv. It could be clam dip or sharing a tub of lemon sorbet...but it provokes a certain amount of illicit pleasure. As to even hint at such a movie would bring howls of agony from the masculine quarter.

If anyone wants to do their own list of indulgences on their blog, I would be interested to read them... Just tell me in the comments... Life should be about taking joy in things.


Donna Alward said...

I think I should do this once my contest has stopped running in a few days! Some of your guilty pleasures are similar to mine - except olives. Yuck! LOL

But appreciating the little things goes a LONG way to recharging when you need it. Sometimes you don't need a day at the spa, sometimes you just need a girly movie and some hot cocoa, you know?

Anne McAllister said...

Wonderful post, Michelle. It's definitely the time to stop and reflect on the simple everyday joys we too often take for granted. I'll do it this week on my blog. It will be another chance to reflect on Gunnar -- and dogs in general.

Kate Hardy said...

Great post, Michelle. I'd agree with all yours (especially hot Ribena - and I do like olives - but then, as my spiritual twin, you could've guessed that!).

I'll be doing this next week. Thanks for the inspiration.