Sunday, December 28, 2008

The dwindling days of 2008

We are now in the 12 Days of Christmas. It is as good a term as any to describe the period between Christmas and when the world starts buzzing again. Many people are off. Businesses maintain skeleton staff and people reassess their lives and what happened over the last year.
It tends to be a dreamy time as you are often not really certain of the day of the week. Far too much food is consumed as of course the new austerity will start in January and left overs need to be used up.

So did I accomplish my goals for last year? In some respects yes, but in others no. I did finish 3 manuscripts, but the second one is proving to be a pineapple. I predict with some degree of accuracy that I will see it come back for another visit...and hopefully this time I will understand what the editors are trying to say. And I had wanted to write 4 including a single title. The single title is proving problematic and I seem to keep changing my mind about what I want to write about. I think I have finally sorted it though.

But on the whole it has been a good year and a year to be proud of. I am moving into the middle part of my career as a writer. By no stretch of the imagination can I call myself new any longer. Yes, there are many who have been around longer than me, but equally there are many who are just starting out on their journey. I have a readership (which is hopefully growing and looking for my next book).

What it means for me is that I need to be very clear about my goals for next year and not simply let everything drift.

Anyway, here is to enjoying the last days of 2008, before worrying about 2009.

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