Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goals for 2009

It is the dying hours of 2008 and therefore, it is time to think about 2009 and what I want to accomplish.

1. Keep and maintain a regular programme of exercise. I love my Indoor Rowing Machine, but when I was so ill and the builders were in, I stopped rowing. I have started up again, but it is hard. Also I need to not be tempted to take shortcuts or simply do the minimum. This is about getting on top of my weight, rather than letting it control me.

2. Be more systematic about my approach to writing. I have been spending too much time frittering my writing time on the Internet. This is part of the reason why I did not write as much as I had planned to in 2008.

3. Revisit my writing goal plan and make sure I am on track. It is very easy to let things slip by without keeping my focus on what I want to achieve. It is about building a career.

4. Redo and update my website. After my computer crashed in September, this has been on my to do list. It has not been done and does need to be done.

5. Visit and enjoy Venice. The tickets are booked and paid for, so I am going. But I am determined to enjoy it.


Kate Hardy said...

Am sure Venice will be fab.

And I share your other goals. (Not rowing. Can't do that. And DH has moved the treadmill completely out of sight, so it'll be out of mind!! ... but there is a dog who could do with more exercise instead of snoozing. So he's going to help me next week...)

Nell Dixon said...

Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

Happy new year. thanks again for all the wonderful information and advice throug your blog. I'm really envious about your trip to Venice, it will be fantastic.

Anne McAllister said...

Happy new year, Michelle. Sounds like you've got your work cut out for you this year with the resolutions! You'll enjoy it all -- especially Venice, I imagine.

Anonymous said...

You will love Venice.

Good luck with your goals. I haven't thought mine through yet. I know you'll achieve yours; you usually manage to do whatever you set your mind to!