Thursday, March 23, 2006

What sort of writer?

I pinched this from Kate Hardy.
But well really, I guess I found my genre. Can I have my Romance writer and proud of it t-shirt now...please?

You Should Be a Romance Novelist
You see the world as it should be, and this goes double for all matters of the heart.
You can find the romance in any situation, and you would make a talented romance story writer...
And while you may be a traditional romantic, you're just as likely to be drawn to quirky or dark love stories.
As long as it deals with infatuation, heartbreak, and soulmates - you could write it.


Anonymous said...

I got joke writer. Har de har har.

Anonymous said...

I got film writer!

Anonymous said...

I got film writer, which is weird being as I hardly ever watch them so wouldn't know where to start. At least Julie's was a little bit right seeing as she slips some humour into her romance. ~Sharon