Sunday, March 05, 2006

A step closer

Yesterday, the post was exciting. First my contract for A Noble Captive and Book Two arrived. I suspect this means that my editors will change Book Two's title. They are much better at such things in any case.
Also a book arrived from M&B direct containing Julie Cohen's latest and two histoircals -- one by Gail Whitaker and another by Jenna Kernan. These are all April releases. I turned immediately to the back pages and there is was The Gladiator's Honour being trailed. This was a very exciting moment.

A hardened survivor of many gladiatorial combats, Giaus Gracchus Valens's raw masculinity fuels many women's sexual fantasies. Roman noblewoman Julia Anotina knows she should have nothing to do with a man who is little more than a slave but she is drawn inexorably towards the forbidden danger Valens represents.

My editor has surpassed herself! As a reader, I would want to read that I am happy.
I can't wait to read the marketing copy for A Noble Captive as well as seeing the cover.

PBB aka Book Two is nearly finished.It is going to be a matter of putting the edits on the computer.
My eye is so much better than when my right eye was done. If anyone knows of someone having a cataract op, tell them to go for the drops and not have the injection. The procedure is very quick. If I could hold my eyeball still, so can they. There is a clamp that holds the lids back and drops numb everything enough. The difference in recovery time is astonishing. Less trauma to the eye so the eye heals more quickly....
Oh and at Mass today, I was able to read the little words on the stain glass window behind the altar. Something I have not been able to do for a long time....Hooray, hooray. I might not need glasses for driving, except for proper sun glasses!


Anonymous said...

The book sounds wonderful! Can't wait to buy my own copy.

As for your eyes, glad they are recovering. :)

Kate Walker said...

As on cataract surgery recoverer to another - I totally agree. The drops are amazing and the result from the operation just great. I'm delighted to see you back posting and know that all is well.

And I'm so looking forward to reading my copy of 'Gladiator'- it's not my eyes that are stopping me, it's the double deadline I have! But i know I'm going to love it - and a 'blurb' like that would grab me too, even if I didn't want to read it because you wrote it.

Keep putting the eye drops in and don't overdo it!


Anonymous said...

Excellent news - both about the book and about your eyes. Fab blurb. And I second t'other Kate: pace yourself!!

Kate Allan said...

hurrah! :)

Liz Fielding said...

Fabulous news about the eye, Michelle, and how great to see your book being promoted in that way. Great blurb!