Friday, March 17, 2006

Blurb for A Noble Captive

My editor sent me the blurb for A Noble Captive today. It sounds very good imho. Hopefully other people wil think so as well.

Roman soldier
Strong, proud, honourable – Marcus Livius Tullio embodied the values of Rome. Captured on the high seas and brought to the Temple of Kybele, he was drawn towards the woman who gave him refuge.

Pagan priestess
Fierce, beautiful, determined – Helena despised all that Rome stood for. In sheltering Tullio, she had to subdue her awareness of him – or she might confess all! The soldier‘s strength and nobility tempted her to lean on him, but she knew that to succumb would be to betray her people.


Anonymous said...

Fab blurb, Michelle!

Donna Alward said...

I love the blurb!

You must be so excited.

Kate Walker said...

Wonderful blurb Michelle - but please stop tempting me!! I have your lovely gift of The Gladiator's Honour right in front of me on my bookshelf, just waiting for a chance to read it. But I have this Sicilian duo book to finish first.

And now you tempt me with the prospect of the next one - I need an extra day in my week.

Anonymous said...

Great blurb, Michelle! :)

Nell Dixon said...

Sounds great!

Anonymous said...

Fab blurb, Michelle (and I'm not just biased as Helena is Princess Chloe's middle name, *g*)

Anna Louise Lucia said...

Great blurb, Michelle!