Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I am not in Paris

I am not in Paris. I was supposed to be, we were all supposed to be, but we are not. Passport problems. I overlooked the fact that my edlest's passport ran out two weeks ago. Uh,,,how to feel really dumb.

Actually my dh discovered it. We might have been able to get a one day turn around, and make the plane by the skin of our teeth, There again maybe not. So we didn't go.

Luckily we discovered it. It would have been far worse if the expired passport had been discovered in France. I have heard a story about someone who travelled over, not thinking anything about it, spent threee days in business meeting and was then stuck. he had used his wife's passport, and the French authorities refused to let him leave.

It would have been awaful to be stuck like that.

Of course, my feelings of being super-organised and in control went down the toilet.

And as my middle says -- There will always be Paris. Someday we will go.

My eldest's passport is being renewed today...


Anonymous said...

Oh, hugs! What rotten luck. Hopefully you'll be able to go soon.

Kate Walker said...

Oh Michelle - what a disappointment. I do hope you anf your family make it to Paris soon.

Hugs of sympathy



Nell Dixon said...

Hugs Michelle, that's awful.

Anonymous said...

Hugs on the disappointment, Michelle. But it will be all the sweeter when you *do* get there.

Anonymous said...

Oh Michelle! I'm so sorry.


Anonymous said...

Grr. How annoying. You will get there soon and it will be all the sweeter.

I hope you're doing something nice at home instead.