Friday, March 17, 2006

Tempting the muse

I now have a working title for my next wip -- The Virgin Widow. It is up there in the cheesy stakes, but at the moment it works for me. I shall refer to it as VW. I am useless at titles but like to have a working one. It needs to be one I like and can work with, but it is also something thatI don't get too attachedto.
I also have the semblance of an outline. I knowe the major conflicts and I have done my character sketches, including preliminary names. I also know much more about the setting. It all sounds good,BUT I am not ready to begin writing yet. I have promised myself that I won't begin the actual process of writing until the 27th.
As next week I am off to Paris for the dh's birthday, there is little point in starting the hard grinding day to day output until after I return. A couple from Animal Aunts are coming in to look after the animals. We have used Animal Aunts for years and all the aunts and uncles we have had have been excellent. It is a company that I highly reccommend. It means that we can go away, knowing the animals are safe and well looked after. The dogs in particular enjoy the attention. The cats are a little more discerning.
Anyway, the muse has decided to be cooperative at the moment about VW. She is being totally useless about the article I am writing. It is half finished, and every time I think -- nearly there, she starts whispering more about VW. Ideas I have to take down before they are lost in the ether. The articlewill get finished today or tomorrow, but it is hard when my muse keeps saying -- come play with me. Come see what creative ideas I have. See look at the images. You know you really want to write this one...
I do but if I start now, I know I will end more frustrated. So it is a small matter of getting other things done first.

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