Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Paperbacks arrived

My paperbacks of Gladiator's Honour arrived -- or at least siome of them. After querying my editor, the rest are on their way.
I am heaving a sigh of relief because I have a number of reviews lined up, as well as having promised one or two to people. I also plan on entering several contests.
Between reviews and contests, the number starts adding up really quickly. The RITA in your first year, if you are very lucky could mean 15 books, the RNA Rose bowl 4 books. The HOLT Medallion is another 10 books I believe and so it goes. You have to know how many authors copies you want at contract time, not five months after the book is published.
Because I know reviewers can take a LONG time, I am sending my copies off to the reviewers I have organised. Some of the review sites have not bothered to get back to me. yet, so I am glad that I made the effort now. When I get my next batch, the other reviews and my friends are next on the list. RITA, RNA and HOLT are all for the back end of the year. I have to think about it now as the books will not be available then.
I am pleased with my cover -- same as last time, but more of a close up.
PBB continues along, but I find my eyes get tired. I rather overdid yesterday. So my great plan of being finished before the weekend has gone away. It will be done for Tuesday though.

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Anna Louise Lucia said...

I rather overdid yesterday.

I saw that.


Take the time you need, Michelle - eyes are not to be played with, whereas deadlines can be changed.

YAY on the paperbacks, and the progress!