Monday, March 13, 2006

And the waiting begins

I emailed my current mss to my editors this morning. It had reached the stage that I want their expert eyes to look at it. And I am looking forward to getting the revisions. Like Anne McAllister said in her comment on revisions, it is amazing what a few days or weeks can do for your prespective on a mss. But I think this is a pretty strong mss and certainly worthy of revising when the time comes.

I do go through my other revisions notes before I sent the mss off, and now wonder what gesture what I have repeated too many times. I tried to get rid of the ones I did last time, but havie this sense I have developed a new slight tick. A really good piece of advice myeditor gave me when I did the revisions for Gladiator's Honour was to just use another gesture. Simple, but until she had pointed it out, I didn't see how many times a tear had been wiped away. I have since learnt to use tears very sparingly.

The next one has been brewing in my brain for a few weeks. I am going to try to use some of the 30 days to an extensive outline ideas and spend time creating the synopsis etc before jumping in with both feet. But at least this time, as opposed to last autumn I have a definate idea that I want to write about.

And I have a few other things to do some critquing, write an article about the research I did for GH, etc etc. Not mention the fact the house does need a good dust and tidy up...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on mailing the book! Hope it comes back with only minor fixes. :)

Nell Dixon said...

Fingers crossed for you. My characters smile too much.