Monday, March 27, 2006

A new novel

Today is the first day of official writng and my muse who has been whispering sweet blandishments has suddenly decided to take herself off in a huff, leaving behind her critical editing friend.
Every now and then she peeps around the corner and throws out a lure. She seems to be tapping her foot impatiently. Haven't you finished with this scene yet? There are times when my muse is fairly difficult.

Julie Cohen sent me a coopy of Inside Romance, the joint venture between WHS and M&B. Gladaitor's Honour is shown on page four as a coupon for money off on an audio cd and on page 20 as part of the advert for the audio cds. Iti s also listed, highlighted in pink on the Series Shopping Guide. It gave me quite a thrill. But I still have no idea on who read it. I suspect when I finally do get my hands on a cd, I will listen in a darkened room, alone, so no one can see my blushes.

Bookworm on the net was blogging about Louisa May Alcott and Little Women. Little Women is one of my favourite books. When I was little, I used to recieve one of the Little Women dolls by Madame Alexander for my Christmas or birthday present. I think I must have read all the children's books Louisa May Alcott wrote. In the US Little Women is considered to be both Little Women and Good Wives whereas in the Uk, they publisahed in seperate volumes.
Amongst a certain sector apparently there is a raging arguement about whether Jo should have married Laurie. That surprised me. Perhaps, those people who think she should have are ignoring the fact that Little Women is fairly autobiographical. Amy was Louisa's sister May. The Professor was Louisa's made up fantasy man, her archetypal hero. Louisa was not interested in Laurie -- he was too near her age, the boy next door and slightly wet. She wanted someone with broader horizons, some one who had experienced life. Little Men makes clear the affection between the Professor and Jo. I always felt it was too bad that Louisa never found the man she was looking for.
The Alcott's house, Orchard House, in Concord MA is a fascinating place. and preserved to perfection. We visited there in 1999. It was a warm afternoon and the shadows were long. Down the road was Ralph Waldo Emerson's house. My dh stayed outside with the youngest and I took the other two on a tour. They were a bit young but I figured in years to come, they would remember. My middle has been glad since but at the time, she complained a bit. Walking through Orchard House is like walking through the novel. I loved the little desk Louisa's father made her so she could write and stare out a window. A few of May's drawings are still on the walls. You can see the staircase and the dressing up box. A thoroughly magical experience.
One of the reasons I believe Little Women endures is that different people relate to different characters. A sort of which Little Women are you? My Favourite was Jo but I know she is not the universal favourite. Some people are very fond of Amy or even Meg.


Nell Dixon said...

I loved Jo! But I love louisa May Alcotts books too and I'm deeply envious that you've been to her house.Did you get my email where it said Michael Praed and Jan Francis were two of the readers for the audio books?

Anonymous said...

Jo was my favorite because she was a writer and I could relate to her. One of my favorite Alcott books is actually Little Men. It really showed the love between Jo and Professor Baer.