Monday, March 20, 2006


My friend and cp, Donna Alward has sold to e-publisher Samihain. I am really proud of her.
When we first started working together, and she got one of my critques, she wanted to quit.
But I told her -- you can't do that, ALL of my cps get published. I don't know if my words meant anything, or if it was her own desire to perserve (perservance is all in this business). I suspect it was the latter. Her work has been getting closer and closer. Now she finally has a contract she is proud of. And I am so proud for her.


Donna Alward said...

Well damn.

I made it through all day yesterday and everything without crying, but your post just did it.

Details are up now but let me just say that I wouldn't be HERE if you hadn't offered to help me. I remember in this book you said at one point that it was time for TOUGH LOVE. THANKS FOR THAT! (it was worth it!)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Donna! (I did try to go to your blog to say so but I just got a pretty aqua BLANK screen.) Hope you don't mind me annexing your comments to say it here, Michelle!