Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Going to Orlando RWA conference

I am going! The flights have been sorted. Now all I have to do is to wait for the hotel reservations to open.

I have learnt though that it pays to be persistent, even when you are called a stupid woman who doesn't know anything about the travel industry.

If you do suffer from a Force majeur (Natural disaster), under ABTA code of conduct, the travel agent is supposed to rebook or offer to give you the money back. Proving the Force Majeur can be difficult. Official documentation is v useful. You will not be covered under travel insurance.
Luckily some airlines are very good about this and will rebook once they are made aware of the situation. Even if you have difficulties in convincing the travel agent of the fact!

The important thing is to be persistent and not to be fobbed off.

One thing I learnt was that you do not wish to miss connections as you will be classified as a no show and ALL further onward flights will be cancelled. So simply saying -- okay I will make 2/3 of the journey does not work. It does need to be rebooked.

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