Friday, May 21, 2010

Breaking the Governess's Rules

Yesterday, my editor emailed to say that my latest accepted ms now had a title -- Breaking the Governess's Rules. It fits the story because after a Disaster, Louisa has allowed rules to dominate her life. Only now she has re-encountered the man who ruined her life the first time... It is a March 2011 release in the UK.

My editor also mentioned that I was supposed to be hard at work on my revisions. I am (sort of) but think I have come up with a workable solution. My editor said it sounded fine as long as the emotional conflict was sustainable... Now to prove that it can work.

Oh and I have to fill out the Art Fact Sheet. Hopefully I will do it better than the last time...


Unknown said...

Art Fact Sheet - don't get me started! It took me almost as long to fill that in as write the book last time I did it. And then I spent months stressing that I'd chosen the hero type that was code for 'gay hairdresser'. (It wasn't actually - it was code for 'fat bouncer.')

Lovely title - so looking forward to reading Louisa's story, having enjoyed Daisy's so much. Now get back to those revisions!!

Cheryl St.John said...

From another blog comment: Michelle, you are so smart! I'm going to suggest that to my daughter today! She'll be excited to try bathtime.