Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Book release schedule for 2010

My editor has left me know my book release schedule for the rest of 2010. The Viking's Captive Princess is a Dec 2010 UK release and A Question of Impropriety is a Dec 2010 Direct and ebook release in NA. Impoverished Miss Convenient Wife is a January 2011 Direct and ebook release in NA.
Still no word on the title for the Mach 2011 release.

I remain mulling over my extensive revisions (or perhaps rewrite is the correct word here). Think Thomas Edison. He had discovered 10,000 ways that a light bulb didn't work before discovering the one way it did...

My editor likes my Roman Undone BUT it needs minor revisions to really make it great. These are to be done AFTER I do my other revisions. Contracted work comes first!

We have agreed more work -- Thrand's and Dagmar's story is to an Undone. And I get to do my Sinai and Ottomen Empire stories as a duo. Because of the changes to my current Mess In Progress though, it becomes a stand alone.


Tara Pammi said...

Hey Michelle,

Congrats on your schedule for 2010. I've heard you mention 'reactive inciting incident' when you were talking about revisions, I think. Can you please elaborate on it when you have time?


Judy Jarvie said...

Great news that you've shaped up your schedule, Michelle.
And I'm crossing everything and sending good vibes for your 'lightbulb' mastery! jx