Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ashes to Ashes -- the final

Ashes to Ashes had a very satisfactory ending. All emotional lines tied up.

It made a ton of sense. The writers had always said it was about death.

I was delighted to see Nelson again as I always thought he knew more than he let on. I still remember when he says in answer to Sam's question about how do you know when you are dead -- when you stop feeling.

Gene Hunt retains his integrity and you know what will go on...Long live Gene Hunt. next car -- a Mercedes? And sometimes all you can do is to go to the pub.

I had forgotten that the real Annie Cartwright was killed in the first series of Life on Mars in 1973 by Sam's father. It is only the shadow lands that she survives. So she did go into the pub with Sam.

I had been so worried that they were going to ruin it like the US series of Life on Mars. Were the choices made because they didn't think the US audience could handle death and the shadow lands? Thank goodness they felt the British audience was made of stronger stuff.
It is a classic series for many reasons. I suspect when the entire thing is watched again, little clues etc will be there. A much layered series this one.

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