Saturday, May 01, 2010

Almost finished

I've almost finished my first draft! It should be finished today. This means in the month of April I wrote 76k with most of that since 6 April.
Once the first draft is done, the harder part comes. The holding it in my affections while I examine ways to make it better.
There is no right way to do a first draft. Some people rewrite each page until it shines and then it is basically done, others go storming through. Some people think they are finished after a first draft. I know that I have just begun.

I want this to be AWESOME. It is a single title paranormal. I had a load of fun writing it. I loved being out of my comfort zone of historicals. It is also a large part of the reason why I'm going to Nashville... But to do what I want to do with it -- it needs revising.

Next week at some point, my revisions will hit. My editor has promised as we are meeting for our annual lunch on the 10th. The lunch is going to cover in part solutions to the problems that she sees.

The exercising is coming on. 30 minutes x 3 (or 4) does work. But I have a long way to go and Nashville beckons.


Caroline said...

Hi Michelle. That's an awesome word count for one month. It sounds as if you've had fun writing this ms. Have you a target market in mind? (I know I'm nosy!) Have a good weekend. Caroline x

Carol Townend said...

You are so quick, I have gone a bit green ;). Do you do first drafts straight onto the computer?