Monday, February 22, 2010

The Very Bad Modem Kittens

Last week it was electrical appliances 0, kittens 1 as they managed to break wires to the stereo speakers. This makes three different electrical items with broken wires or cables -- the telephone, the video, and the stereo.
They have also learnt to open my daughter's door at night and spend hours racing up and down the hall.
At 6 AM, they come and stand outside my door, waiting in anticipation. If I fail to get up, they begin to meow which wakes the dogs downstairs who bark. It is proving more effective than an alarm clock.
There was the 5:15 AM incident where somehow, some kitten had managed to move the alarm dial forward. Do not ask me how!! And the alarm went off. I was not best pleased...
Heathcliff is in his mid morning position in the sun room. A kitten has to have his priorities.
They also enjoy watching the Winter Olympics, and sit looking at the tv, following the skiers as they go down the hill.


Donna Alward said...

Oh that looks VERY familiar. That could be Boo, they look so much alike.

I cuddled him last night and consoled, "You may be a Very Bad Cat but you aren't as bad as those modem cats." LOL. His worst offense so far is jumping on the dog and scaring her half to death. And then looking absolutely gleeful about it. Not a bit of contrite in our boy.

Donna Alward said...

And that should be contrition. It's still feeling VERY early here.