Thursday, February 11, 2010

Do you have coffee with a canine?

Recently I discovered a wonderful quirky blog called Coffee with a Canine. It is all about authors and others and the dogs in their lives. Lots of lovely dog pictures. And it is addictive reading.
Anyway, my offering is up there now. So there are pictures of Tess, Hardy and Chile in the snow etc.
When is the best time to have coffee with a canine? Anytime!

And what drink would you have with a feline?
Heathcliff and Mr Darcy are shocking as they keep trying to drink my tea. The Very Bad Modem cats have been micro chipped and completed their vaccine course.
They have also discovered how to climb the coats and sit on a hook as well as deciding that my purse with its large inside pocket makes the purrfect nest.


Kate Hardy said...

Lovely blog - and I've gone broody for another pup as a result, so my DH is not going to be pleased with you... :)

Caroline said...

What a great blog site Michelle! Caroline x

Caroline said...

p.s forgot to add - the tip about bribing the dogs when you want to take a photo worked a treat. I've finally got some decent pictures of them looking at the camera and not everywhere else. It's amazing what a chew stick can do! Caroline x