Sunday, February 11, 2007

Time marching on

Today is 10 Feb. Yikes! Time keeps marching on. You think -- ah such and such a date is a long time a way and suddenly, it is nearly there. I should know this by now. At the start of January, Valentine's Day seemed a long time away, and now it is here or very nearly. And half term looms.

Tomorrow, Rosemary Laurey the US Today bestselling author of vampire romances is coming to speak to the RNA Northumberland about her work.It should be interesting to hear her prespective. I know her from other writer loops. When she was first writing her vampires -- no one wanted to know. Paranormals were out. She wrote her books because deep down inside her was a yearning. Persistence pays. And I am very much looking forward to chatting with her.

If you want a real uplift for adull February day -- read Liz Fielding's latest The Valentine Bride -- it is fun, sparkling and thoroughly enjoyable.

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Anna Louise Lucia said...

Liz's is in my TBR pile... nestling alongside yours, Julie's.... many others. LOL!

Good luck for Monday! Wish I could be there. :-)