Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Beekeeping in February

Time was that I would have never dreamt of having anything to do with the bees in February.They were hibernating, clumped in a ball. I might have to lift a beehive to make sure they had enough stores. If it was a clear day with snow on theground, I would look for the signs that the bees had done their flying. I could also think about getting into the bee garden -- not in full bee suit.
Those days are over -- a t least for this winter.
Yesterday, the bees were so busy, and hanging off the hive that I decided the time had come to put a super on. I am repeating what I did last year in hopes that it will yield the same fantastic results. The theory is that Queen starts laying in the super, and shaken down, and the queen excluder put on. Then the workers are most likely to go and put the honey up in th super, rather than in the frames.And fingers crossed, no honey congestion, and therefore no swarms. Swarms are the bane of my life in early Spring...

That is all I shall do until late March/Early April with the mousegurads comes off, the floors are changed and any old disgusting brood comb is removed. The air temperature is still far too cold to go into the brood box its self, but the bees were very numerous...

My wip continues to move forward. I was in full of tears yesterday as I was typing . My dh thought me odd. I only hope one tenth of the emotion I felt is conveyed to the reader when the book is eventually published. My editor's wise words keep circling in my brain -- just keep writing.

The decorating is done and the items moved backinto the kitchen. The blue green grey colour makes the pine stand out. And as the ceiling is now gleaming white instead of a dingy coal dust grey, the whole thing looks far better.

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