Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday Morning

It is a lovely sunny day and there was a frost this morning. Firends of mine in Minnesota have emailed to say that thiswinter has been the coldest since 1979 and they were expecting more snow.
In other words, a direct contrast to the UK's weather...

My dh showed me a somewhat frightening article from The Independent --Honey ,Who Shrunk the Bee Population. It is all about how in North America, bee colonies are suddenly suffering from colony collapse disorder. Over the space of a few days, bees are abandoning hives and going away to die. The remaining bees are found to be riddle with all sorts of diseases. And no one knows why. Thus far, it has been mainly limited to the mobile apiaries. These are colonies that are hauled around the US to do the necessary pollination of crops. Because the US has been flooded with cheap honey imports in recent years, pollination has become the biggest money earner for many large beekeeping concerns. First to Florida for the citrus crop, then up to Pennsylvania for the apples and on to Maine for the blueberries. Some speculate that it is the stress of travel combined with the high protein and syrup supplements and differing pesticides that is making the colonies toxic. BUT they just don't know. It has the potential to severely impact the bee industry in the US, and with it agriculture over all. The true extent will not be known for at least a month because winter hibernation is not at an end. All I know is that I hope they find the cause and cure soon, and that it does not spread across the Atlantic.

One more worry but at least I know my colonies have not collapsed this year. Knock on wood.

And I need to get back to my wip as I can see the deadline looming, but also light at the end of the tunnel...

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