Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Italian editions, Mix ups and hair cuts

First and foremost, I received my copies of The Gladiator's Honour in Italian. It is very cool to see my words translated. Rossana Landfredi did the translating. There are a few words that I recognise. Now I know that a lot of people speak Italian, and some Italians even read this blog. Some people find HM&B wonderful for improving their grasp of the language or brushing up on it as they are page turning reads. I have an extra copy. If you belong to the newsletter, and would like a signed Italian edition, can you please email me by 14 March 2007, saying why you would find an Italian edition useful. Please put ITALIAN BOOK in the heading. If more than one person emails then I shall pull names of the hat. But you must be on my newsletter list to win.

The mix up with Sold and Seduced has finally been solved. The Mills and Boon site now has the correct author and blurb listed. There was a slight glitch in the system and somehow a medical blurb was listed. No longer, Sold and Seduced's rightful blurb is there. This reminds me I shall be doing a contest in April for copies of Sold and Seduced combined with The Antonakos Marriage by Kate Walker, the book which gave me the seed for the story. The newsletter describing the contest goes out on 1 April.

Oh and I got my haircut yesterday. Same style. And I have booked a trim for 26 April -- the day before the Savoy lunch. My middle keeps saying that I will have to wear clips etc until just before I get to the lunch or I will do my usual and wreck it.

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