Sunday, March 11, 2007

Books and compliments

Yesterday, I had alovely package -- the hardback for The Roman's Virgin Mistress arrived. I lvoe the cover. And when it is up on Amazon, I will post it here. It is another one of my editor's specials. We had a conversation last summer where she informed that she had already done the commisioning. She had great fun looking at Baiae on the web... It really does have a glorious Italian feel to it.

I also got the large print of ANC and discovered that Sold and Seduced will be going into large print as well at some point. Hooray.

My friend Kate Hardy made my day and posted lovely things about A Noble Captive on her blog. I am not sorry at all that she didn't get anything done this morning. It is revenge for me burning supper last year when I read Seb's story -- Her Honourable Playboy.

Rioght now I have to get to work and finish writing some more of VC...Sometimes it can be difficult to work out exactly why things are happening, but I think I have done so...I think it is going to be fine when it is finished but I shall be much happier with it once I have my editor's thoughts back.

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