Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Using astrology in tweaking

As my earlier post about astrology led me to remember Love Signs, I thought I would have a reread. It is every bit as good as I remembered it. I was doing some research on the Cancer/Scorpio relationship for my next wip and happened to glance at the Leo/Leo relationship. It gave me a light bulb moment for my current hero and heroine. They are both Leos. Have to be because of their behaviour. It explains much about their relationship -- why it failed the first time, and what has to happen to make it succeed this time. There are certain conflicts that are inherent in the Leo/Leo relationship -- not the least being both wanting to be the one in charge. There is also a hint of how the conflict needs to be resolved -- involving sacrifice and sharing the limelight.
It is part of what makes it such a wonderful resource for writers -- Linda Goodman examines the internal conflicts inherent in relationships. It is 1200 pages long but thoroughly useful. One forgets exactly how useful.
Goodman examines the relationship not only from a non gender basis, but also specifically with the male/female.Why would a Cancer Male,Scorpio Female relationship be different from a Scorpio Male/cancer Female relationship. What are the conflicts and how can some of them be resolved in general rather than specific terms.

This is one of the reasons why I love doing research by the book, rather than on the Internet. You have to flip through pages and other things catch your eye. Luddite maybe, but it is the way I like to do things.

The wip needs a few tweaks but I have promised my editor the full for 23 March. This will keep me on track for writing four mss this year.


Eva Gale said...

I bought it, thanks to you. :) I'm hoping it will help me find character holes too. Should be here tomorrow! Yay!

Michelle Styles said...

I hope you find it useful Eva!

I certainly do. It is not a writing book, but it can really be used to create characters. I am going to do a piece on using personality traits in my next newsletter -- which comes onout on 1 April.