Thursday, February 08, 2007

Snowy day

Yesterday was a glorious frosty day, so my dh and I went for a walk at the National Trust property Allen Banks. It is a very popular walking destination but as we were there reasonably early, no one was on the paths we were on. It is old mature woodland and some of the best landscape in England. The sort of jaw dropping brilliance that makes going for a walk in the woods worthwhile.The landscape was developed during the Regency period. Allen Banks was part of the Ridley Hall estate.

The local parish newsletter recnetly traced its history and that of Staward Peel as well. It was very interesting, but the real beauty of the place is its unspoilt landscape with little stone paths and steps.

And it was useful in gettng me to think about how my hero and heroine would ibeinteracting in such a place. My dh did point out that the trees would be slightly different. More pine and birch.

Today, lots of lovely lovely white flakes are floating down from the sky, and sticking. I hate driving in the snow -- my Califorian upbringing, I think. However, in some ways this is ridiculous as I have been driving in the snow for far longer than I ever drove in California. Some mindsets are hard to break.

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