Friday, February 02, 2007

On writing to authors

Loretta Chase was one of my big author finds of last year. My wonderful editor told me about her. If you want to spend several very engrossing read Mr Impossible. It is a truly brilliant book and has just been properly published in the UK by Piatkus. She is one of the very few American Regency writers who gets the time and place right. I have found that having lived in a Regency house etc etc, the little missing details in some books irk, but hers are great and I can become immersed in her world.

Anyway, I decided last summer to writer her as I had enjoyed her books so much and being a published author, I know how readers' letters mean to me. She kindly returned my email, and mention she was intrigued by Gladiator's Honour. I duly sent a copy, and you can read her reaction here.

It totally made my day!

So if you have found an author you are fond of, go on write to her and you never know....

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Anonymous said...

I did write an author, a long time ago and she kindly wrote back! Her name was Dorothy Dunnett. It's the only time I have ever done it.

Jen Black