Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Weekly weight loss

I have got my ticker back and I have decided to be a bit more adventerous. Going for 50 lbs instead of the weight I was going for ealier. I did weigh my target weight in my 20s, so it is achievable. I have also started this A List Workout 12 weeks to Red Carpet Ready and perhaps it has made more ambitious. Who knows. The interval thing on the ski machine was much harder yesterday than I thought it would be.

The Pink Heart Society is having its monthly mulling over. Everyone has made a start, and that is what is important.

I emailed my partial to my editor yesterday and now I have to get on with writing VC. I am happier with it than I was before. But I shall be happier stil lwhen the first draft is completed and I am doing revisions!

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AliceAnderson said...

Good luck on your weight loss goals. I'm right there with you, except I'm using this great website called traineo... I need to train-eo a bit more evidentally... cause my "ticker" isn't going down very quickly. Maybe I've been reading too many books lately and not exercising enough... nah. I did look into books on tape... for the treadmill and my MP3 player... but those things are $15 or more! I can buy the new Nora Roberts made for TV movie for under $4...... does that make sense to anyone?