Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Half Term Chaos

The house is in ana uproar again -- the decorators have come to paint the kitchen. It is the last room in the house we are doing. Thank Goodness. The colour is best described as a sort of duckegg blue/green. It goes by the name of Ultramarine ashes. It looks very good, very Regency actually.
The lad who is doing the painting likes the colour and admires us for being bold.

Both dags and one of the cats have ended up streaked with blue. The dogs are quite sill but I am still uncertain how Penny received a blue ear.

However, as it is half term, other things are happening. First my youngest has had a friend to stay the night. Second my middle is doing a pony day and third my eldest is doing a prearranged route march with some friends. And I am trying to write, write, write. It is all v chaotic.

It is at times like these that I do like to read romance and Cheryl St John's The Tenderfoot Bride is proving an excellent antidote to chaos. It is a wonderful tale about a woman attempting to make a new start for herself (and baby) out on a ranch in Colorado in the 19th century. It is perfectly lovely and does help to fill my need for a Western.
Equally it brings back memories of when I used to visit my mother in Colorado in the late 1990s. The Tattered Cover bookstore still ranks as one of my favourite bookstores in the whole world. And me being me, made sure we also visited every historical site we could. Molly Brown's house had too long of a wait...

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Cheryl St.John said...

Thanks for picking up my book, Michelle! That was a reader favorite.

I've been to the Tattered Cover! I did a signing there one year after the Rocky Mtn Book Festival. At one time my pal Maureen Mckade lived in Co. Springs and I stayed with her and visited the store yet again.