Friday, February 16, 2007

10 random things posts

Donna Alward did this to me as she is my cp, I feel I have to oblige.

Ten Random things about me.

1. I am left handed

2. I had early on set cataracts and had a set of operations to correct them in 2005 and 2006

3. I am more interested in the story than the details.

4. I adore fairy tales.

5. I adore olives.

6. I keep bees and had over 200 lbs of honey harvested last season from two hives.

7. I am not allergic to bee stings.

8. I am currently writing my 7th book for HM&B Historicals and have promised my editor the book by the end of March.

9. I have Scandanavian ancestors -- Norwegian and Swedish so writing about Vikings is fun.

10. I went to Rome for my 40th birthday as it was one place in the world that I really wanted to go.

Who shall I tag? My mind is a blank and I should be writng my next Viking as they are about to be savaged by wolves, I suppose I had best get back to it. If you do this, please tell me.

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