Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve

It is the dying hours of the year 2006, when one reflects on the past and looks towards the future with a mingling of hope and dread. There always seems to be potential on this day.

I am not overly fond of NewYear'sEve parties and won't be going to one. For a long time, my dh did the Morpeth to Newcastle run on NewYear's morning and thus he did not want to spend most of the night celbrating.Equally the chances of getting a babysittter was zero to none. And for somereason I always feel trapped at New Year's Eve parties in a way that I don't feel at any other time of the year. So it will be something quiet.
I have basically done my goals for 2007. I prefer the term -- goal as resolution is too rigid. Resolutions are all about stopping to do something. Goals are about trying to achieve something.

My writing goals are simple -- four more manuscripts -- 2 Vikings and two late Regency/Victorians set in the North East. The crows of doubt are not being let in here. However, it is more than that. I want to keep trying to improve, striving. I want my writing to grow. There is so much I have to learn and apply. I want to mature and become a writer that people are excited about reading. It is part of the intellectual challenge and why I love writing.

As I am now a published author, I have to be aware of the PR side, so my goal here is to be come more timely and effective with my PR. Again, there is always something to be done. Some lesson. This is about building a career.

A consequence of writing and other things has caused my girth to expand. It needs to shrink. My goal is get back to the weight I was in my 20s.

There are other goals such as getting the Aga fixed, getting the car repaired, getting the house decorated but these depend on other people.

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year and good luck on 2007. May it be the best one yet.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck in 2007!

Unknown said...

I really like the change to goals rather than resolutions. Good luck meeting your goals in 2007.


Jessica Raymond said...

Happy New Year, Michelle -- I hope all your wishes for 2007 come true.

Jess x

Janet Ch said...

I like the idea of the goal of getting back to the weight you were in your twenties. I think I might go for that one too.

Anne McAllister said...

Happy New Year, Michelle! Best of luck with your goals -- and the Aga. I was impressed that the Aga has a category label all its own. Obviously a FORCE to be reckoned with (or without, as the case may be). Hope it's fixed and warming the kitchen by now.