Thursday, December 28, 2006

Die Gliebte des Gladiators: Gladiator's Honor in German

Swoon, this is the Gladiator's Honor in German's cover. It is highly romantic and really captures the mood. Valen's hair colour is right as well.
The German blurb reads:
DIE GELIEBTE DES GLADIATORS Rom, 65 v. Chr.: Wie kein Mann zuvor weckt Valens der Thraker die Leidenschaft der schönen Patriziertochter Julia Antonia. In den starken Armen des berühmten Gladiators verspürt sie nie gekannte Gefühle der Lust. Und auch wenn er ein Sklave ist und die strengen Gesetze Roms eine gemeinsame Zukunft verbieten: Julia kämpft für das, was die Stimme ihres Herzens ihr rät. Und macht dabei eine aufsehenerregende Entdeckung: Valens ist nicht der, für den die Römer ihn halten …
You can buy it on Cora (Harlequin Germany) or wherever these books are sold in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.
I suspect Michelle Willingham as she is fluent in german will know what the blurb says but I do wonder if it is apporximately what the Emglish blurb said or if they have changed it...
In any case, this cover is another one for my wall behind my computer.
It is all terribly exciting. I look forward to holding the German copies in my hands.
In other equally exciting news, I went ot WH Smith in Newcastle, and they had put the January releases out. Thus, I was able to buy Christina Hollis and Abbey Green's first Presents, as well as Deb Hale's The Bride Ship -- a book I have been looking forward to reading. A Noble Captive was also there. In fact I do not believe I have ever seen so many copies of M&B historicals in one place, ever. They had about 50 copies of each book. A Noble Captive had already sold two copies from what I could figure. I will now have to write a press release and hope to get it in the local papers.
It was much less terrifying this time. Much more exciting. Unfortunately I forgot my camera and could not take a picture. I will go to the WH Smiths in Hexham next week and take photos.


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous cover! I like it better than the other ones, though they were good too.

I'll need a dictionary to help with this one. The first sentence is something to the effect of: Like no man ever could before, Valens the Thracian awakens the passion of the beautiful patrician's daughter Julie Antonia.

I'm hoping I can get as nice a cover for my first book. Go art department!

Donna Alward said... are correct. It IS all terribly exciting!

So happy and proud am I. :-)

Nell Dixon said...

Very exciting!