Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Is that the date?

I sent my latest off to my lovely editor last evening and now I await her comments. I really trust my editor's eye and know that whatever she says, it will make for a stronger book. The whole is about getting the strongest book possible.
My next book will be back in the Viking era, and I am looking forward to writing it as it is a linked book to Taken by The Viking and thus provides an intellectual challenge. How do I do it? The thing I think I have to remember is that everyone is the hero of their own story. It all depends on the POV. If you wrote a story from a villian's POV, he would be the hero.
One of the dangers of linked stories is that the writer is not ready to let go of her earlier hero or heroine. I am hoping because I have written the Victorian in between that won't happen to me. I know sort of what happens in this book and the name of the hero is written in stone. This will be a relief to my long suffering cps as the names of my characters do tend to change...It is the name of the heroine that I am having diffculties with and is my task for the next few days. I have promised my editor that I am not going to think much about writing over Christmas. So I am not planning on getting a real start on this one until after Boxing Day...

That and finishing my Christmas cards, wrapping presents, cleaning the house, making sure we actually have food, etc etc.

The Christmas sickness seems to be early onset this year -- my younest two are home sick from school...


Donna Alward said...

THe challenge I had in writing a linked story was getting the original characters to shut up. LOL A lot of times I'd start writing a scene only to go back and start over because I knew my secondaries were being too involved.

NCC will be fine. And your Viking story will be great, just like the first one. :-)

Susan Rix said...

Congrats on getting your latest book wrapped up in time for Christmas.
Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and brilliant New Year!
Sue :-)

Anonymous said...

Glad your book is done and dusted. Hope the littlies are better very soon. Have a wonderful Christmas.