Thursday, December 07, 2006

DIE GELIEBTE DES GLADIATORS: The Gladiator's Honour in German

I have discovered today the German title for Gladiator's Honor: DIE GELIEBTE DES GLADIATORS

Michelle Willingham who is fluent in German says that it means The Gladiator's Beloved. Which is not a bad title.
I have yet to see the blurb etc. But it should be available next month from Harlequin Cora. I suspect the cover will be basically the same as the US cover. But still it is very exciting, GH will have been translated into 2 languages other than English.

I truned in my article on Introducing the Roman Hero to the German Romance Magazine -- Love Letter Magazin. The editor is a very nice person and is doing a review of GH or I guess DGDG.

Now the only looming deadline I have is the one for NCC. It is coming on and I am nearly there. I want it to be an excellent read. After reading the SB review of GH, I realized that I have created a female character who needs to get her just desserts -- ie be slapped around a bit. But how to do it, that is the question.It should be fun though.

Christmas preparations continue apace. Thank God for the internet and internet shopping. It makes things far easier, particularly sending to the US.

There is a new blog -- Unusual Historicals that I was being a columnist for. Its main purpose is to promote Historicals in unusual settings and time periods. Something I can totally identify with. yes, I enjoy Regencies and Westerns, but I do want something more.

Back to the word mines....

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Anonymous said...

Best of luck finishing the book! And congrats again on being translated into more than one language. Very cool. :)