Wednesday, December 13, 2006

On editting

I knowSela has tagged me and I will get to the tag soon.

I have finished the first draft and am on the editting stage of my ms. It is my favourite stage -- possibly.I think I like revisions better. It is the pulling together of the ideas and getting them to work.

There is lots I want to blog about -- I am currently reading The Writer'sJourney. It is intersting but not as helpful as say Robert McKee. At least now I know where some of the terminology comes from. I suspectI am actually going to have read Jung at some point. Volger uses Jung in his thesis and having read Myer-Briggs I can see where the two can mesh.

But right now I have to get to polishing. My cps have been very helpful in pointing out places where things are not working for them...this makes my task easier.

I am not thinking about the half written stack of Christmas cards, the non wrapped presents, the presents I still have to get, etc etc. It can all wait. I have to get this ms done.

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Sela Carsen said...

I tell you what. You read Jung and tell me what he says so that when asked, I can say, "My friend Michelle says that Jung says..."