Friday, December 01, 2006

A Noble Captive out on M&B's site

A Noble Captive can be purchased from Mills and . They release their January books a month early on the site.
If you are a reader service subscriber, you can get them even earlier. Waves to Jen and Alison who have both told that they have read ANC and enjoyed it.
The January releases are really strong. Not just because there is my book which I love and adore, but also because there is a Louise Allen, a Kate Bridges, a Helen Dickson and a Deb Hale. Now Deb's is already showing sold out. And it is one I want to read - -The Bride Ship. I feel quite honoured to be in the company of those authors...
Luckily M&B have flat rate charging for postage, so I can stock up...

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