Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Basically busy

There is one thing that is very true in writing, no matter how stressed you think you are with your deadline, there is ALWAYS someone else with a tighter deadline, or whose deadline has just passed. And there is never any point in comparing but because the levels of stress can be very different.

Sometimes, you can be forgiven for thinking that is a game of you think your childhood was bad....

Everyone reacts to deadlines in different ways AND each deadline is different.

This time my deadline appeared to loom larger than ever but I went back and checked, and I am in about the same place I normally am for when I have to finish the book, possibly even having the same sorts of deadline thoughts. And I suspect my lovely editor is very wise to this as well as she has told me that she has definately cleared space on her desk for when it is supposed to arrive!

I simply have to write it and I am having fun doing so. I can see the end, and have about a hundred pages to write...and then there is the editing...but editting is the fun part.

Yesterday I went to the RNA Northumberland Christmas meeting. There I won a jar of rubber bands. At the moment, they are sitting on my desk as I twist them into a rubber ball. It is quite fun to do and the ball is growing. However, it does not get my wip written.


Anonymous said...

You won a jar of rubber bands? (Scratches head. Am I missing summat?)

Good luck with the d-word.

PS Word verification - if you speak like Lloyd Grossman - was "Awesome" (eewsoum). Ha. I have deadlinitis. Does it show?

Michelle Styles said...

It was a gift exchange, with a 3 pound limit. The theme was what a writer might like.
Included was a box of Maltesers, but the rubber bands have been the biggest hit.
It is quite fun to make a rubber band ball -- hours of mindless white noise entertainment, thus leading to inspiration on wip...

Anonymous said...

Ah - gift exchange. That's quite a nice idea.

And Maltesers... Oh-h-h.

(Thinks: haven't wrapped stocking-fillers. Am I a bad enough mother to open the box I bought for my daughter - the box she doesn't know about? I am on deadline and my need is greater...)

PS I did your tag challenge!