Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Taken by the Viking

I have a title and release date in the UK for my Viking -- Taken by the Viking. It is an October 07 release.

Thus at the moment, my release schedule looks like this:

Jan 07:
The Gladiator's Honour (in German!)
A Noble Captive UK paperback

Feb 07
Sold and Seduced UK hardback

April 07
Sold and Seduced UK paperback

May 07
The Roman's Virgin Mistress UK hardback

July 07
The Roman's Virgin Mistress UK paperback

August 07
Taken by the Viking UK hardback

October 07
Taken by the Viking UK paperback

Dec 07
Victorian Christmas one (tbc)

I don't know my North American dates but have reason to believe that the other 3 Romans will be 2nd half 07 releases -- possibly starting wth the Roman's Virgin Mistress. It is a TPTB decision and thankfully not mine!
And my schedule is not nearly as full as Kate Hardy's.
But it does offer plenty of scope for contests. I would remind everyone that the A Noble Captive hardback contest is still open until 15 Nov. I want the names of the hero and heroine of A Noble Captive and you must be a current subscriber of my newsletter.


Nell Dixon said...

Looks a great schedule!

Anonymous said...

Very impressive, talented lady!

Anonymous said...

I feel tired at the sight of it!
What does the acronym stabd for?
Simple things like wip I understand, but thisone leaves me guessing!

Kate Allan said...