Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Five more things you didn't know about me

As Margaret Moore and Victoria Bylin have both tagged me. I will do five more things you didn't know about me, and this time, I will try to put it in a historical context.

1. I used to belong to the Richard lll Society. A phase during high school, but I still know about a bit about the period.

2. The first house my dh and I bought was late Georgian terrace house -- Grade 2 listed with many of the original features.

3. My current house is an Edwardian bungalow built in 1908 by the local bank manager. It is very quirky and some thought haunted.

4. We have found various artifacts in the garden -- from old bottles, pottery to clay pipes. Mostly found on the banks of the stream. I know vaguely how to date bottles by the way they are manufactured.

5. Part of my interest in cooking stems from when the AGA was coal fired, and I had to learn to control the heat.

I nominate Michelle Willingham and Denise Lynn. And if you have done it before, why not think about it in conenection to history?

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Anonymous said...

If I found old artifacts, I'd be tempted to dig up my backyard! :) Sounds fascinating.