Thursday, November 16, 2006

And the winner is....

Amanda rebelsparky_nirvana has won the signed hardback copy of A Noble Captive.

The answers were Marcus Livius Tullio and Helena.

Many thanks to all who entered.

I shall be doing another contest to celebrate the publiscation A Noble Captive in the UK paperback, and Gladiator's Honour in German in the New Year.

In the mean time, I have heard my next US release will be The Roman's Virgin Mistress in July 07. They will then go back later and publish A Noble Captive and Sold and Seduced in the US, but both my editor and the senior editor really love TRVM and wanted it out there as quickly as possible. I have seen the preliminary artwork and it is very good!

Anne McAllister has got me interested in Myers-Briggs personality traits, so I shall be sharing some of my new obession with you shortly. Suffice it say that annoyingly, the description of my personality was bang up to the mark. I also want to do something on raising stakes -- both personal and private within a ms, and please remind me if I forget..

In writing I have started to go back and do some editing. The major upshot is that I further along than I thought I was. Layering layering layering, but it will be far stronger when I have finished. And my editor is happy with the present state of the partial...

And my parcel from M&B reader service arrived. I am using as a huge carrot as my TBR pile has just increased. The big treat was to see my friend's Fiona Harper's new book The Blind Date Marriage.

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Jessica Raymond said...

I've heard about Myers-Briggs before but don't know much about it. Looking forward to your post!

Jess x