Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Starting over

I had one of those moments yesterday when I realized the wip was spinning out of control and rapidly becoming a POS.
The motivations of the two main characters made no sense what so ever and if it continued, the whole thing would smell...badly.

I spoke with my lovely editor who knows how to ask the right questions and sound enthusiastic. I was able to explain what I thought was wrong, and why I thought this way would be better. She did not let me go with my first choice btw. But we discussed it and came up with a good solution. Or rather I came up with the solution and she wisely agreed.

It is now up to me to write the thing. But occassionally one has to go with one's gut. If it is not working, sometimes you have to examine the why.

And she was right about it needing slight tweaks to drop the new motivation in.

Now at least I know the back story. My characters are not whiny and my hero is much more heroic, or he will be...

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