Thursday, October 05, 2006

Proofs and such like

The postman handed me the proofs for The Roman's Virgin Mistress today. I had thought they'd arrive in a week's time. However, now that they are here, I shall get them done. AND then work on the next round of edits for HVC.

Certain things take priority...

My children will be very happy as this will mean I am not on the computer as much for the next few days.

It is lovely to re-read the book and also to see how the editors massage and shaped it. At this point, I am only reading for flow and continuity. generally the mistakes I pick up are mine. For example I used the phrase -- for a few weeks. How could I have done that....weeks were not a common concept then. It was not really until Ceasar changed the calender that they became generally accepted.

It is the tiny little details that help bring authencity to a novel.

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Anonymous said...

It's so easy to forget and slip in an anachronism here and there - but at least you're aware of it!