Friday, October 27, 2006

Revisions sent

I finished hte revisions for my Viking ms today and sent them off. I do believe it is a far stronger book. However, my editor will have the final judgement on that.

With every ms and set of revisons one learns things. Unfortunately, sometimes one has to go over and over the same lesson ad nauseum. This time I learnt that I am far more comfortable with a slow build up to the first sex scene. By doing the scene too early, my pacing was off. My editor made a suggestion, and it all fell into place. She also gave me a simple solution to another problem that had bugged me.

Now sometimes, with the crows of doubt, I know they are phantoms and I ignore them. Other times, I just wish they'd become phantoms. It was more I vaguely knew there were problems but couldn't my finger on how to fix it. So buried my head and hoped. My editor saw it, pointed her finger and gave me good advice on how to fix them.. Editors are like that -- they home in on problems. It's their job.

So now fingers crossed I have sent Haakon and Annis merrily on their way. Off into the sunset as it were.

The house is a tip and I want to get the newsletter sorted out.Thank you v much, everyone who has signed up. It should be going out sometime next week to coincide with the hardback release of ANC. The hardbacks are mainly purchasesd by libraries.

Kate Hardy has just had her 25th book accepted by M&B. I can remember when her first book came out. Not so very long ago, so I am tremndously pleased for her.

I shall put up a list of Christmas carols I have been listening to. At the momenti it is mostly Maddy Prior -- Carols and Capers. It is v good except my middle hates the song currently stuck in my head. It is a wassail song, but not the tradional here we come a wassailing. This one has more of a waltz tempo.

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Kate Allan said...

Can't wait for your Viking book! I'm reading Bernard Cornwall's The Last Kingdom at the moment. Lots of Vikings but no romance.