Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Plotting and other things.

Julie Cohen and Jenna Bailey-Burke have a Q&A up on e-harlequin about plotting v flying by the seat of your pants. Apparently I am totally a plotter. Well, if I am, it is my own method. And I do firmly believe that most of the tweaking and editing comes AFTER the first draft. Between you and the computer screen, there is not much help. And my plotting is an outline. I can't use other people's methods. Mine works for me, and is fairly chaotic.

Anne McAllister has risen to the challenge and published a picture of Julie and me at Brooks. I know it was Brooks, because I had discarded on my tweed blazer there. Where as at the lunch, I wore it and sweltered. It is well worth viewing -- her rogue's gallery.

I did a lovely talk at Crimlington Writers' Group yesterday. In case anyone visits, the slang website is
You Can't say that!. It is quite fun, but people should not be too hung up on it. The modern day reader also has to be able to read the work.

And certainly G Heyer's making up of words, and use of other dubious ones does not detract one little bit from the enjoyment of the novels. They have a ring of authenticity about them. And the whole point is to create an authentic world.

Now off to finish this round of edits!!!! I have a deadline to beat.


Anne McAllister said...

Glad you liked the pic, Michelle! It was such fun to see you again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being so helpful on the Q&A! It's great to have you chiming in.

Glad your talk went well, too.