Friday, October 20, 2006

Laurie Campbell's Enneagram Class

Laurie Campbell is giving a repeat of her fabulous enneagram class. This particular class gave me real insight into developing characters.

The details are:

Giving likable, plausible characters a compelling conflict is easier with "enneagrams." Counselors and personnel managers use this personality tool to identify the heroic qualities (and not-so-heroic qualities) for each of nine types -- the Perfectionist, Nurturer, Achiever, Romantic, Observer, Skeptic, Enthusiast, Leader and Peacemaker.Every one of these character types has distinctive traits, including a fatal flaw, that will naturally bring them into conflict with other people...AND with themselves.Laurie Schnebly Campbell invites you to get ready for some hands-on homework -- to do during November or at leisure -- and discover how to increase (and resolve) conflict by using your characters' fatal flaws.Registration is $30 (PayPal or check due by Oct. 25) for the November 1-30 class, at

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Ally Blake said...

Hey Michelle! I looove enneagrams'. I'm a four. How about you?

A quick heads up that a certain fella I know you love is Male on Monday at the Pink Heart Society today!