Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Noble Captive

Ummm I totally forgot to post my wonderful news yesterday. I think I was too busy being on cloud nine!

It goes like this:
On Monday after coming home from exchanging a book for my youngest at the local bookshop (the one I last went into just before I received The CALL), I discovered a cryptic message from one of my editors -- was I going to be in tomorrow morning for a chat about contracts and books? Emailed back -- yes.
Then I began waiting. At shortly after ten yesterday, my very lovely editor called with the news that they wanted to offer me a two book contract.

The Sibyl's Desire did not work for them as a title and so it was to be called A Noble Captive. It is being published in Nov 06 as a hardback and Jan 07 as paperback in the UK. It will go to the US but the date is not set in stone yet. Because they do not have much Roman artwork, they have commisioned some thing from North America and it will have the same sort of cover both places. (This means I think that Gladiator's Honour will have the same cover in North America as well). I have been so worried. Both Sue and Donna are trying very hard not to say I told you so. I have been very worried. I am hoping for another wonderful cover.

They have read the partial for PBB and were very impressed and so were making an offer for it as well. Hence it is a two book contract. But (and here I know Donna is cackling madly and saying I told you so) I have to change the hero's name as Lupus doesn't work for them.

A wonderful wonderful Valentine's Day present from my editors!!!!

And they want me to concentrate on writing in the Roman period.This means the proposed Regency goes on hold and I start with my next planned Roman....onceI get PBB finished and off to my editors. This has to be done by 14 March. And it was me who set the deadline. It is nearly done honest!!!


Anonymous said...

Fabulous news! And I love the title A Noble Captive.

LOL on Lupus. Yes, I can see why they'd change that one. :)

Anonymous said...

I can't resist saying I told you so for a moment longer.

So happy for you. A Noble Captive is great.

Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT news! Delighted for you, Michelle.

Nell Dixon said...

I've said it elsewhere but wanted to say again how thrilled and excited I am for you! Wonderful and well deserved news.

Amanda Ashby said...

Congratulations Michelle, that's such wonderful news. I know this is a bit late, but I'm sure you're still walking on air!!

Anne McAllister said...

Way to go, Michelle! So what are you going to rename Lupus?

And thank you for the tag on my guilty pleasures. I'm thinking about them and will post as soon as I narrow it down to five!