Friday, February 17, 2006

Five guilty pleasures

Having been tagged by Julie for the five gulty pleasures meme

Here are my five

1.Sitting with my back up against the Aga and reading, with a cup of hot juice in my hand despite the kitchen being a mess.

2.Going on e-harle even though I know I have a deadline.

3. Eating chocolate chip cookie dough or possibly sugar cookie dough -- a guilty pleasure from childhood

4. Taking a long hot steaming bath with lots of bubbles, despite knowing that I have probably run the hot water out.

5. Having a pedicure done at a spa and my toe nails painted purple.

I am going to tagged Kate Walker, Anne McAllister, Donna Alward, because Julie only tagged three. And therefore I can. So ladies what are your guilty pleasures?


Anonymous said...

What is it about our childhood that both of us really like eating cookie dough? Chocolate chip and sugar cookie dough being my favorites too.

Anonymous said...

Hot juice? Hmm. Am intrigued now. Are you talking hot orange juice? Or hot blackcurrant cordial (which is perfect for winter) or hot water with a squeeze of lemon juice (which is too virtuous to be a guilty pleasure)?

As for the rest of it... with you there. (Except possibly the cookie dough. I love making cookies but prefer the dough cooked!)

Michelle Styles said...

Hot juice as in hot black currentcordial. Occassionally hot lemonade (freshly made)
But my favourite is hot cranberry juice.