Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Current things

As Kate Walker tagged me:

· current clothing: flannel nightgown and bathrobe – it is winter in Northumberland!
· current hair: brown with silver, a mess
· current mood: resolute
· current refreshment: peppermint tea
· current annoyance: the guttering as it was the first thing we asked to the builders to fix and they have done everything else but have left it for another day!
· current avoidance: the ironing and housework
· current smell: peppermint
· current thing you ought to be doing: my Roman ms which is nearly finished
· current thing or things on your wall: calendar of women reading my aunt sent, front covers of my books, Gladiator’s Honour has a pink sale ribbon under it, unicorn that I stitched when I was 16.
· current IM/person you're talking to: no one is up, but it will probably be my youngest Tuppence the cat just came in and is meowing at me.
· current jewelry: wedding ring, my g.g. grandmother’s black ring and my watch
· current book: Hadrian’s Empire – When Rome ruled the World by Danny Danziger and Nicolas Purcel
· current worry: avian bird flu will come to Britain and our hen and ducks will end up being culled because there is no way to keep them indoors -- despite them not going near wildfowl or ever being moved and therefore having only a very slim chance of contracting the thing...I remember Foot and Mouth.
· current favorite celebrity: umm James Purefoy but this will change when I start my next ms.
· current obsession: my Roman ms
· current love: my DH
· current longing: to have my Roman ms finished
· current disappointment: Tuppence my cat keeps scratching hwhere her eye used to be, and so she keeps having to wear a cone.
· current lyric in your head: Holding out for a Hero
· current music: the dawn chorus of birds outside my window
· current favorite book: These Old Shades by Georgette Heyer
· current favorite movie: Casablanca
· current wish: to have the Roman period become a popular time period in historical romance novels.
· current desktop picture:. Chronicles of Narnia photo still from the movie. My eldest put it on before Christmas and I haven't bothered to change it.
· current plans for tonight/weekend: read, be with my family, watch a bit of the Winter Olympics

I am tagging Sela Carson, Nell Dixon and Liz Fielding with this.

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