Friday, February 10, 2006

Playing the proud parent

I glowed on the way back up the hill yesterday after my eldest's parent teacher conferences. So many compliments and enthusiastic teachers. So many teachers saying that they hoped he would take their subject at A level. They also said that he shouldn't skate and just be going into much more depth in the subjects -- something he needed to hear. What more could a parent ask for?

My dh is recovering and has gone to work. The hens thus far are keeping on our property.

The wip is coming along. As the only deadline I have at moment is self-imposed, I shall stop fretting about it. The next one has had character sketches started, as well as a fewdraft scenes. It is going to be a bit different than I first envisioned it.

My current reading is stil Beau Brummell by Ian King. He has now decamped and is in France, suffering from sphyllis and threatening to write his memoirs. PrincessFredica payed him handsomely not to write them. Whether this is because he had had a torrid affair with her or because she was protecting the Prince Regent and her husband who was at the time the next in line after PrincessCharlotte is difficultto say. Brummell and the Prince were very close when the Prince was involved with MrsFiztherbert. Was she is in truth his wife? Had he gone through with a marriage ceremony? And what other skeletons did Brummell know? Unfortunately he burnt his papers. When Princess Fred died, Brummell was busy at work on a paper mache screen for her. It could be read in a number of different ways... All very interesting.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your eldest doing so well in school! :)

Love hearing about Beau Brummel.

Michelle Styles said...

If you love reading about Beau Brummell, you must get your hands on Beau Brummell, the Ultimate Dandy by Ian King ISBN 0340836989. It is the first biography of the Beau in a generation and is fantastic. I thought I knew the period, but this has really filled in missing gaps. It is a MUST READ for anyone interested in writing about the Regency ton or simply interested in the ton.
BTW Brummel v Brummell. He signed his name Brummell, his baptism record says Brummell, as do the gravestones of his parents and grandparents. His grandparents were buried at St James, just off Picccadilly. Brummel was used by his first French biographer.